Reticence in Christ

Good Day!!!!!!!

Bear with me…….I’ve got a point with this story. Yep, yep I do!

So, my daughter had some homework awhile back for a reading class, and she asked me what the word “Reticent” meant. Well, I know quite a few words, but that particular one was not in my repertoire. Needless to say, I went to the handy-dandy Merriam-Webster Dictionary for an answer to this question.

It is Quite the good word! In a nutshell, it’s the same as being ‘guarded’ – you aren’t exceptionally open with your thoughts or feelings and keep them to yourself. I guess someone who is “shy” could use this as a way to describe themselves.

1 Timothy 4

****Enter my point today*****

It is very wise to keep guard of the things we hold dear. The safety of our family and loved ones – our children – our hearts – our minds – our bodies. All these things we should keep safe & guarded. Of course, it goes without saying, yourself is included in this safety-needed statement. Yes, you….You are dear and valuable and worth guarding.

You are special and precious to God! You are His Child!

More precious than gold or silver or diamonds!

Challenge for this evening: Consider Safety and Guarding that you practice. Think on the things and parts of your life and parts of you that you keep safe. Then, Think on the things that you do not. Sometimes, until we actually take the time to look over our lives, we do not see clearly. It is but a dim reflection of the truth of the matter. Sometimes, just one really good, hard, honest, blunt look at ourselves is all it takes to reveal a significant amount of little chinks and weaknesses that the enemy can attack us with.

1 Peter 5

Lay down your pride and let offense be set aside. Humbly submit yourself to the Throne of God as you venture down these considerations.

Safety is a big thing for me and mine. I consider it a responsibility to keep our environment safe and healthy. With that awareness of “responsibility” comes the ownership of Authority found in Christ Jesus as a co-heir seated with Him in heavenly places. My family benefits from my submission to God’s Will and choosing to walk in Authority against the enemy and his schemes. My husband, my daughter, my friends and family in the Body, reap the benefits of my walk with God. Even those who are outside of the Body receive these benefits. Those that I intercede for in prayers of petitions all reap the provision of harvest. The seeds such as these that I sow grow throughout the lives of others. Prayer works. It just does. Even if the people prayed for are completely oblivious that I pray for them, it still works! I know that my choices for Him and my prayers to Him and my words honoring Him and my thoughts dwelt upon Him and my deeds done unto Him all have a direct impact on every single person I come into contact with, every single day. If people look for it and seek it out for themselves, they can each see the fruit of God’s Mighty Hand in their own lives through their own understanding of Who they are and Whose they are in Christ Jesus, and so can you, my friend. It is not some kind of entitlement that one is owed, this Authority I speak of. No, it is only through the Gift of Grace given us that we are made whole and valuable in Christ Jesus to claim that Authority gifted to us in full confidence and with a lasting Hope that does not disappoint, for it is a hope placed in God, the Father. Nothing that we did ‘earned’ us some type of reward of deserving such safety and health in our environment. It is a provision of God’s Sovereign Hand at work in and through our lives. He provides for All things, in all ways. He is from everlasting to everlasting, in all fullness – He is our All in All. 

Isaiah 40:31

What, in your life, could use some reinforcements of a deeper understanding of Who you are and Whose you are in Jesus Christ….

What, in your life, could use some more “Reticence” In Christ????

……Hmmmmm……Food For Thought….

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