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I have a heart for God and am so very thankful for all He has done in my life and all He IS to me, as His daughter. I enjoy spending time with the family He has blessed me with – my wonderful husband and beautiful-inside-&-out Daughter. I appreciate all that my parents have done for me & the support, love, & encouragement my Mother & William have given me through the years. I appreciate the lessons my Father & Robin taught me & their love. My friends – new & old – who have supported me, cried with me, laughed with me, & loved me are so very much appreciated, as well! God is just So GOOD, every day! I cannot say enough about how good HE IS! He has filled my heart with a desire to write, to sing, to create, & to minister to the broken-hearted through encouragement and sharing of His Word. So, that is what I do – I write, I sing, I create, & I find His Strength to minister, when & how He guides me to.

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As far as ‘Where He has planted me’ – I appreciate living in the country, here in Oklahoma, where I was born & raised; and now, live, work, & worship. I’ve known the lovely amenities of city life in Tulsa & Owasso, Oklahoma. Through those years, I can attest for how nice it is to have everything so close by and all the options one has available, daily. However, no matter how far I roam, the country life is what I have always called ‘Home’. From in and around Osage County, Kay County, Tulsa County, & Pawnee County to Rogers County, in which I rest my head each night on our little farm of 14 acres. ‘To be where I can still see the vivid closeness of God’s Light, peaceful & humility-provoking, bursting through the silence in awe-inspiring brilliance of complex myriad of stars, from my own backyard’ – that is the goal.

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A Few of my Favorite things:
Studying & learning more about God (#1 priority in my heart)
Investing quality time in my family (#2 priority in my heart)
family nights out; reading; songwriting; photography; fishing & boating;
dating my husband everyday & flirting with him regularly & often! because I can;
teaching my daughter about different activities, life, & how God works in all of it, always;
visits with my parents when they come off the road (truck drivers’ daughter’s life); basketball; horseback riding; cooking new or special items; graphic design; diy crafts;
board, card, & video gaming; painting & art, in general; dabbling in video editing;
learning something new -always, researching, & studying;
4-wheelin’; crocheting; woodworking; nature walking/hiking; gardening; welding; attending car shows; movie theater visits; exploring new locations; playing catch;
road trips to no particular location on the scenic routes, leading who-knows-where;
hammock swinging; barefoot walking; & sitting in front of a crackling fireplace.

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