While Today Is Still Today – Forgiveness

****Heavyweight stuff of the deep-walk kind Warning***
Life is fleeting and too short to hold on to negativity and drama. I am fairly certain, unless it is something that is Unbelievably Hard Core HUGE, that a 72 hour turn-around in God’s time (whatever that may equate to in our human time) should be about it. AND That is pushin’ it.
ALOT can happen in 3 days!!!
I mean, God made half the world by that time, right?!?!

With that said-
Even if it is HUGE &, at first, seems unforgivable – in God’s definition of time, 6 of God’s days should be PLENTY to forgive someone! Again, I have no idea how many that equals. But it definitely is food for thought on how much greatness can be achieved in such a short amount of time!

while today is still today let us forgive as we have been forgiven

While today is still today –
Let us Forgive as we have been forgiven.

Unforgiveness bears roots of bitterness from day 1. Those roots only seek to choke out and beat up and kill the heart within you and those around you…For real! It’s like a “Feed Me Seymore” moment!!!! But in REAL LIFE!!! The roots latch on and suck dry anything we allow them to attach themselves to. Before we know it, they are attached to everything!!!

Psalm 139:23-24 MISSION

(if you choose to accept it)

Challenge for Healing Homework Project: Rewind to your childhood and consider the original hurts. Make a list of any major hurt or repeated hurt caused by others in your life. Also, identify any anger at God that may have come from those. Work your way through your

  • teens,
  • twenties,
  • thirties,
  • forties,
  • fifties,
  • sixties,
  • seventies,
  • eighties,
  • and nineties (if I have that age range on here)

and do the same process for each age range.

THEN, fast forward to now. Identify what subjects you have a higher reaction tendency to with any of the following reactions –

  • anger, sadness, anxiety, distress, frustration, quick temper, disgust, avoidance, fear, doubt, insecurity, sensitivity, and the like, that trigger some sort of similar emotion.
    • A Trigger usually doesn’t make sense to you or others in the conversation and seemingly comes out of nowhere – Write those down.

FINALLY, Highlight matching time. Take a highlighter and go down the list of reactions and give each type a color AND use that same color to match it with the original hurt.

NOTE: this will take a bit of time, accommodate an hour, at least; or spread it out in spurts, per type of reaction. It really depends on how committed to diving deep you are.
ALSO NOTE: the same original hurt can very well have multiple colors attached to it of reactions of today you identify.



Forgiveness Part 1 – Meditate on Forgiveness of yourself as a young child, teen, young adult, adult, son/daughter, brother/sister, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, cousin, aunt/uncle, parent/grandparent, friend/neighbor, etc – whatever your role was in each of those original hurts.

You Forgive yourself by giving these things to God.

How to do this – Completely Surrender it in all Honesty, Vulnerability, & Transparency before the Throne.

God forgives you when you come to Him in full repentance, not continuing in sin any longer – whether in light or dark you do not choose to continue in sin which you turn completely away from – receiving His grace to be an imitator of Jesus Christ.

Remember this:  It is no longer you who lives, but Christ Lives in you. You are intentionally choosing to Put down the ways of this world and old roots of things of the flesh before Christ at the foot of His Cross and are -INSTEAD- choosing to pick up the cross He has prepared for you & follow Him, on the daily. For You are called according to His Purpose (found in Romans 8 & 1 Timothy)

Forgiveness is just a call-to-Him-away and so it should be when considering these original hurts.

Forgiveness Part 2 – Meditate on the Forgiveness of Others. Forgiving those who the original hurt came from is the next part. This step requires the first process of identification, acceptance, & understanding where the root began. It cannot be done, wholly, without the identification step. It would be like forgiving the air for existing or the wind for blowing, Blind forgiveness does not heal and allow growth. It enables the root to continue to grow, unchanged and without accountability to the Light and Truth. Also, If the original hurt resulted in you being upset with God – exam and think upon that, as well. In this stage: a meditation in prayer of Psalm 139:23-24 is pivotal in the uprooting & removal process. We must uproot if we are to move forward. The Removal of all bitter roots – known by us or not known, aware or unaware – is necessary in order for the “garden of our heart” to heal and thrive in the freshly turned soil for our NEW SEASONS of God’s Goodness He has waiting ahead. An Extra Consideration: You may be missing how you are hurting others simply because you just don’t know or are unaware. That is why intentionally choosing to invite God’s Light to search you and know your heart is so pivotal! He Does Know everything and cares about every part of our day to day. He cares about every single thought, every single word, every single action and deed.

Remember: There is nothing you can do to earn God’s Love and there is nothing you can do (with exception to the unforgiveable sin, of course) to lose God’s Love. Even with that unforgiveable sin, though, I believe His love remains, still. For His Word is Truth and it says His lovingkindness endures forever and His Love endures forever. It also states more than once that Nothing can separate us from the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus.


He promises to give you a NEW HEART.

Returning to God to be reconciled back into His presence is always, always, always available. Even when we have held Him at arm’s length and are only allowing Him in to certain rooms of our heart, Reconciliation is still there!
He promises to give you a NEW HEART.
You can take Him up on that Promise Today!
Now is the time to LET Him do so!

There have been too many days that have passed of UnforgivenessDays you will Never get back.
Too many days that have hurt and broken your heart and the hearts of those in your life now.
Too many choked out moments that roots from your childhood, teenage years, previous friendships, previous relationships, etc have been allowed to stay in and kill.

Today you can say No More! Enough is Enough!
You can tell God, “I don’t want these old hurts to damage anyone in my life now...no more!
Today is the day I change and give my heart Completely before You, God and allow You in.
Today is the day I ask You, God, to examine my heart in its entirety!”

Praying “Search me, God, and know my heart. Try me and know my anxious thoughts; see if there be any hurtful way in me and lead me in the everlasting way!

Surrender it all at the cross and let Him keep His Promise to you – He will give you a New Heart.

  • One that desires Him with everything you are (body, mind, heart, & soul).
  • One that desires to only please Him, not grieve Him.
  • One that desires to passionately seek Him in all your ways, thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • One that Knows His Great Love and Loves like that!
  • Yes, a new heart that passionately pursues His Heart.

Come and be reconciled back to the Father.
He loves you so!


  • His Grace is Sufficient.
  • His Mercies are New every morning.
  • AND Nothing can separate you from the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus!!!
    Absolutely Nothing!

You’ve got this, BECAUSE He has got you!

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